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Community of practice: talk about teaching

Talk about teaching 

Come and join our Community of practice to talk about teaching!

Talk about teaching is for practitioners, students, leaders and teachers who want to come together to share, learn, self-improve, self-reflect and encourage one another and talk about teaching.

Everyone is welcome to attend. 

Our next session is:

Talking about transitions

An opportunity to share practice, exchange ideas and learn how to support transitions this summer term

Friday 19th May 2017  

4.30pm to 5.30pm (4pm for tea, coffee and cake)

In our meeting room at our Whitechapel offices.

Talk about teaching will

  • be an opportunity to talk about teaching
  • give you a place where you can reflect on your pedagogy and practice 
  • provide a safe space where you can step back, reflect and re-energise
  • offer professional, pedagogical input
Talk about teaching will be facilitated by our Pedagogic Lead, Cathy Gunning.

Members can visit our Pedagogic Pages to find out more, or you can email


Previous sessions Include: