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Pro formas and policies

The following pro formas are available for download:

  • Branch information form - This form needs to be completed by branch secretaries when a new branch is set up and thereafter following the branch Annual General Meeting. This should be sent to central office by the end of May each year, so that information can be updated.
  • Model constitution for branches - A branch constitution is needed by branches who apply for grant funding
  • Model branch committee meeting agenda - Suggestions for inclusion at committee meetings
  • Event flyer template- Ensuring a professional and consistent image for Early Education throughout the UK requires use of the current logo and working title on all branch flyers
  • Expenses claim form for branch officers - to be completed by branch officers when attending Early Education officer meetings. Travel receipts must accompany a completed form. The form and receipts must be returned to central office for payments to be made.
  • Expenses claim form for speakers - To be completed by the speaker. Travel receipts must accompany a completed form.
  • Branch bank account details - To be completed by new branches and updated as necessary.

Branches need to comply with national policies including: