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About Oxfordshire Branch

Oxfordshire branch was relaunched in 2000. It is an active, lively branch offering the opportunity for all who work with young children to meet, network and engage in professional development opportunities.

We run a programme comprising two meetings each term.  These take place from 6pm to 8pm and are often held in local nurseries. The first session is led by a speaker of national standing. The second is a follow-up discussion. Each meeting provides a networking opportunity before the session with light refreshments.

We work closely with the local authority and the 6 nursery schools when planning our programme. 

Our programme is centred around the principles and practice which support and enhance children’s learning.  We have recently focused on outdoor learning and are planning sessions around creativity.

The committee comprises a small, dedicated group of early years enthusiasts who work well together to ensure that branch events run smoothly. They also work closely with the national office.

Our plans for the year include:

9th October 2019 - Supporting children's language development using evidence base language approaches - with Sandra Mathers

21st November 2019 - Sustained shared thinking and emotional well-being - Why it matters and how to promote it - with Prof. Iram Siraj

13th May 2020 - Enjoying music together - with Nicola Burke

Further details to come in due course.

Oxfordshire branch AGM

Below are the minutes and associated documents from the Oxfordshire AGM. Please download to read further details on the branch and it's activities.

File Chairs Report 2018 - 2019 Agm 15th May 2019.docx

File Final Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Oxon branch of EE 15th May 2019.docx

File Oxfordshire Early Education Finance Report 2019 (2).xlsx

Our previous events include:

20th May 2015 - Bringing Ghana into your Early Years Setting with Miso'shi Procter

21st October 2015 - Inspiration Forum on Physical Development - Sally Goddard Blythe

12th November 2015 - Discussion Meeting - A Moving Tale - how physical development underpins all learning

3rd March 2016 - Inspiration Forum on Supporting Boys' Writing in the Early Years - Julie Cigman

6 & 7th May 2016 - Early Education's Annual National Conference in conjunction with Oxfordshire Branch

25th May 2016 - Inspiration Forum and Branch AGM- Risk, Challenge and Adventure in the Early Years - with Kathryn Solly

16th June 2016 - Discussion Meeting - Visit to Treehouse Freeschool - an alternative, non fee-paying primary school.

29th September 2016 - Inspiration Forum - Inspiring Young Mathematicians through Play - with Elaine Bennett

10th November 2016  - Discussion Meeting - Mathematics ‘Naturally’ – providing and observing mathematics outside 

2nd March 2017 - Early Years Inspiration Forum - ‘Less is More’ Putting the Child at the Heart of Early Years - with Kym Scott

17th May 2017 - Inspiration Forum  - A Sense of Place – the vital importance of our connection to the natural world for our well-being, development, and learning - with Annie Davy (Followed by AGM of Oxon EE Branch)

11th October 2017 – Inspiration Forum on Mood Music: tuning into children’s feelings with voice, instruments, puppets and flexibility – with Bill Roberts

9th November 2017 – Discussion Meeting - Improving Life Chances for all our Early Years Children - with Sandra Mathers and Kathy Sylva

1st March 2018 - Inspiration Forum - Expressive Arts and Design: developing a studio space so that children can think and make – with Kathy Ring

16th May 2018 – Inspiration Forum - High Achieving White Working Class Boys (HAWWCB) – project findings and what it means for our practise – with Prof. Chris Pascal and Prof. Tony Bertram (Followed by AGM of Oxon EE Branch)

10th October 2018 - Don’t leave art out! - with Anni McTavish

8th November 2018 - Inspiration Forum - Expressive Arts and Design: developing a studio space so that children can think and make – with Kathy Ring

7th March 2019 - Movement environment rating - MOVERS scales - with Carol Archer

15th May 2019 - Understanding the world - with Kathryn Solly

Oxfordshire Branch Team

Chair: Sue Hale    
Treasurer: Rosemary Knagg

Upcoming events

13 May 2020

Enjoying music together

Speaker(s): Nicola Burke

14 Oct 2020

Introducing Woodwork in Early Childhood Education

Speaker(s): Pete Moorhouse

12 Nov 2020

Wholehearted Education through Nature Connection

Speaker(s): Sarah Lawful

Past events

05 Mar 2020

Developing School Readiness with Parents

Speaker(s): Kathryn Peckham

21 Nov 2019

Sustained shared thinking and emotional well-being - Why it matters and how to promote it

Speaker(s): Prof. Iram Siraj

09 Oct 2019

Supporting children's language development using evidence-based language approaches

Speaker(s): Sandra Mathers

15 May 2019

Understanding the world

Speaker(s): Kathryn Solly

15 May 2019

Oxfordshire EE Branch Annual General Meeting

Speaker(s): N/A