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South Yorkshire

About South Yorkshire Branch

The South Yorkshire branch of Early Education (formerly called the Sheffield branch) has been going strong since 2002 and has a large membership and a very committed committee. We have members coming to meetings from Rotherham, Leeds, Huddersfield, Derbyshire and further a-field. We are a lively, energetic group with a passion for making sure that what we do for our young children and their families is the best it can be.

We plan a yearly calendar of events, often with a linking theme. Meetings will respond to current events, thinking, change in early childhood as well as being a great opportunity to share good practice.  We have up to 6 meetings a year usually twilights but some on a Saturday morning.

Praise for South Yorkshire branch events:

  • It was another great conference for South Yorkshire Early Education on Saturday.
  • I thought Anne O'Connor was brilliant with her clear, sincere, thoughtful and thought provoking presentation. She gave us an insight into how the brain works to retain memory and shared many personal examples of the importance of tuning into a baby or child's needs to build trust and security.
  • Anne shared her wealth of knowledge and understanding about the importance of play, episodic stories, talk, songs and rhymes, movement, reconstructing and recalling and how these are necessary to build memory in children. She also really stressed the importance of 'anchor points' (ie meaningful experiences) to secure memory. 
  • I have held  in my head (and my heart!) this message that..."Unless something makes sense, it cannot find its way into the long term memory" as I have been working with the children this week.
  • I have her talk embedded in my long term memory now! 

Our plans for the year include:

To read our newslatter and for more information on what we are doing in the upcoming months, download our latest PDF icon SY EE Programme 2021-2.pdf

2nd July 2019 - Back in time for the future of the EYFS – the Curriculum! - with Helen Moylett - Helen's slides from the session are now available to download.

South Yorkshire Branch Team

Chair: Sally Pearse
Vice Chair: Michelle Shaw
Secretary: David Yates
Treasurer: Pat Stringfellow 

Past events

06 May 2021

South Yorkshire branch event - Exploring Birth to 5 Matters: Finding your way around the document

Speaker(s): Di Chilvers

20 Apr 2021

South Yorkshire branch event - An Early Years Curriculum to meet 21st Century Challenges: Wellbeing and Sustainability

Speaker(s): Janet Packer, Lindsey Bielby

22 Feb 2021

South Yorkshire Branch Event - Zooming in on Birth to 5 Matters: Be part of the conversation to shape outstanding practice

Speaker(s): Nathan Archer, Di Chilvers

01 Dec 2020

South Yorkshire Branch event: Developing Essential Life Skills – Measuring the Impact of Forest School Programmes

Speaker(s): Janine Ryan, Sarah Robertson

04 Nov 2020

South Yorkshire branch event - Holding on to what is essential for young children in the EYFS

Speaker(s): Di Chilvers