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Community of practice


A community of practice in London to talk about teaching

We want to take advantage of our location to support and engage with local schools and settings and support practitioners on our doorstep. 

The community of practice is currently for all London area and London based early years practitioners and teachers who know that coming together to learn together is a great way to be inspired, encouraged and reflective about practice. It will be an invaluable space to talk about teaching

The community provides a chance to come along after your busy school week to have some head space. You will have the opportunity to indulge in cake and other treats (including healthy options) and indulge in early years pedagogy too.

We hope that we will be able to host sessions in other areas too. 

The sessions 

  • are open to everyone
  • provide an opportunity to hear from each other about your teaching and practice, your provision, your pedagogy and your reflections.
  • will be hosted and facilitated by Cathy Gunning our Pedagogic Lead and there will be some input at the start to support your reflections and dialogue.
  • are for practitioners, students, parents, carers, leaders and teachers who want to come together to share, learn, self-improve, self-reflect, encourage one another and talk about early years, early learning, pedagogy and teaching.

The community of practice will provide

  • an opportunity to talk about teaching
  • a place where you can reflect on your pedagogy and practice 
  • a safe space where you can step back, reflect and re-energise in your learning journey
  • professional, pedagogical input

We meet every half term to discuss current issues in teaching, practice and pedagogy. You can book a place or find out more in our events section or by emailing

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Cathy Gunning is Pedagogic Lead at Early Education. She is an accredited coach mentor with the Centre for Educational Leadership at the University of Hertfordshire