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Exploring the school readiness agenda

School readiness is currently a recurrent theme in the early years having been discussed across the many reviews in the last few years e.g. Field (2010), Allen (2011), Tickell (2011). It is not a new term though, as it was used in the late 70’s and 80’s with reference to children attending nursery and preparations for reading, writing and maths  - pre-reading, pre-writing were terms frequently used (Plowden Report 1967). But what does this term mean and what is school readiness about – the child or the school?

The focus of the day is to think together about…

  • why ‘school readiness’?
  • what do we mean by ‘school readiness’? 
  • shaping your own view of ‘school readiness’
  • how we can keep a firm and respectful  focus on young children’s thinking, learning and development
  • the revised EYFS particularly the characteristics of learning and teaching and how they support children’s ‘readiness’ for the next steps
  • good early years practice, reflecting on your philosophy about how young children learn best

This course is aimed at all practitioners, teachers, leaders/managers  and Head Teachers who want to know more about what it means to be school ready.

Trainer: Di Chilvers

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Implementing the EYFS
Pedagogical principles into practice