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Following children’s interests – who leads the learning?

Child-led play is a statutory duty in the EYFS Framework (1.8) and leads to deeper levels of thinking, learning and involvement.  It is the key way in which children engage in Sustained Shared Thinking. This course will be an opportunity to look more closely into these crucial aspects of children’s early learning and inform how adults can support and teach more effectively.

The day will focus on;

  • Using Learning Stories to recognise how children are leading their learning through their child-led/child-initiated play and activities?
  • Unpicking how child-led play and activities contribute to children’s thinking, learning and development?
  • The connection between following children’s interests and sustained shared thinking
  • How to observe, support and extend child – led play and activities through skilful, sensitive and informed teaching?
  • Exploring the balance between child-initiated thinking and learning and adult-led teaching
  • Reflecting  on your practice and discussing  your thinking with others

This day is for all practitioners, teachers and leaders/managers who want to have a clearer understanding of how child-initiated play supports children’s thinking, learning and development.

Other related training includes:

  • ‘Following children’s interests - a reflective approach’
  • Who leads the learning?  Balancing child-initiated play with skilful adult-led teaching
Trainer: Di Chilvers


Adult-led & child-led learning