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The Joys and Challenges of working with Two Year Olds

Aims of the training day

  • Highlight some key characteristics of children around two years
  • Explore the young child’s primary needs which support their development and learning
  • Consider the priorities for close adults who work with children daily
  • Emphasise the need for reflective practice


The training will fulfil these aims by:

  • outlining some attributes of children between 24 – 36 months and asking participants to share descriptors of the children with whom they work
  • highlighting  young children’s needs to: be attached and feel secure; become independent; explore and experiment
  • encouraging participants to immediately review their own practice and in the longer term to act as a change agent in their setting.

Expanding on how close adults can best support these needs through

  • knowing each child intimately
  • providing an appropriate environment
  • interacting as a play and learning companion


Immediate outcomes: At the end of the training, participants will review their own practice

  • consider and discuss with a partner the issues raised during the training
  • identify aspects of their provision which are strong, those which need to be considered further and areas where there are weaknesses
  • target one aspect of weakness and  write down 2/3 immediate actions to take which will improve their provision

Longer term outcomes:  Over four weeks participants will influence the practice of others

  • return to your setting and decide to use one ( or more) of the three audit sheets already seen and discussed
  • Distribute copies for all staff members to use
  • Analyse the responses and agree with colleagues 3 actions to take to develop practice

Trainer: Marion Dowling

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