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Observing, assessing and mapping children’s progress through the EYFS: a professionally informed approach

This course will develop your professional skills in observing children, understanding their development and identifying their next steps (EYFS 2.1). Keeping the focus on the child we will look at how we make respectful, professionally informed judgments about children’s learning, development and progress and plan for their next steps.

The focus of the day is to think about:

  • Why observation is at the heart of good assessment practice
  • Making  links to the EYFS Themes and Principles, the Statutory Duties (2.1, 2.2 ) and Ofsted’s framework and guidance
  • Sharing examples of Learning Stories and narrative observations to look more deeply at children’s development, thinking and learning
  • Using your Observation and Assessment Tool Kits – and  introduce the new self-evaluation
  • How you  make professionally informed judgments about children’s progress  and moderating your decisions
  • Looking at an approach  to support good practice in the observation, assessment and mapping process; keeping the child at the centre and taking a holistic view of their development

Observation is fundamental to good early years practice…..

‘When we work with young children, when we play and talk with them, when we watch them and everything they do, we are witnessing a fascinating and inspiring process: we are seeing young children learn’. Observation; ‘in our everyday practice is the way in which we observe children’s learning, strive to understand it, and then put our understanding to good use’

 (Mary Jane Drummond – 1999)

Other related training includes:

  • ‘Maintaining children’s momentum’: Observing and assessing children’s learning in the EYFS
  • Observing young children: Making their thinking and learning visible
  • Listening to two year olds: observing to understand what children are doing and why?

Trainer: Di Chilvers

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Children’s development
Observing, Documenting and monitoring children’s progress