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Pushing the boundaries – challenging young children’s thinking

Current Initiates aiming to support gifted and talented children may be failing to understand and respond to the particular needs of children who require more challenge and support in aspects of their development.  This course will explore the issues that surround ‘more able’ children and how their emotional lives can be supported through focused and individual approach to learning and development:

This course will:

  • Consider the concept of “the more able child”
  • Explore the role of the adult in noticing, recognizing and responding to children’s thinking in ways that offer challenge and ‘push the boundaries” of learning and development.
  • Focus on the importance of providing the right context for valuing and nurturing children’s strengths.
  • Highlight the importance of supporting parents in understanding their child’s unique needs.

Trainer: Paddy Beels

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Meeting the individual child's needs