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Talk for Maths Mastery: Maintaining the momentum of children’s development and learning

Talk for Maths Mastery is grounded in a two year initiative and research undertaken by eleven schools in Sheffield and the exemplification we produced as part of this work .

The focus of the day is to think about:

  • The principles of Talk for Maths Mastery including using self-evaluation,  action planning and observing mathematics in the enabling environment
  • Maintaining children’s natural momentum for  mathematical development and learning – case studies from the TFMM Exemplification
  • Looking for maths by  following children’s interest's; listening to their mathematical conversations  and thinking about what we are seeing/hearing
  • Exploring what we mean by Maths Mastery and the  connections to Sustained Shared Thinking and the Characteristics of effective learning (particularly Creating and thinking critically)
  • Using narrative Learning Stories to look more deeply at mathematical talking and thinking in child-led play.  Sharing case studies from 2yrs old to Y1
  • The current landscape for mathematical learning and teaching

The day looks at the transition of mathematical development from 2yrs old to Y1 and is aimed at all those who work with children across this age range, as well as maths co-ordinators, senior leads, Head Teachers and Managers.

Trainer: Di Chilvers

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Talk for Maths Mastery