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Expressive Arts and Design in the Reformed EYFS

Wednesday, 24 February, 2021

This two-part webinar will emphasise the importance of the arts to children’s well-being, and review the changes to the recently reformed EYFS and implications for practice. 

Part one will include an introduction to some of the key elements that help to create an enabling environment for art and design, and the positive impact the arts can have on children’s emotional health and resilience. Participants will have the chance to think about how they might develop their own art and design milieu further, alongside practical ideas for both setting and home. Anni will also reflect on the proposed changes to this area of learning, and explore ways in which these might be incorporated into a holistic arts curriculum. 

Part two: following the first session, participants will have the opportunity to complete an art and design questionnaire to help them to assess and review practice. There will be time to share some of the findings from this exercise, and to look at how ideas generated might be developed into creative projects. Anni will also discuss ways in which a range of different artists’ work might be used to inspire new experiences and deepen children’s learning. There will be a practical element to this session, so please could everyone bring with them a sheet of A3 paper and some coloured pens/felt-tips to write with.   Participants are invited to submit questions ahead of part two and where possible these will be addressed during the session.

The webinar will take place on the following dates and times:

Session 1: 24th February, 7pm-8.30pm
Session 2: 17th March, 7pm-8.30pm

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