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Froebel course requirements

What the host setting needs to provide

Those buying in the course will be responsible for providing an appropriate venue.  The venue must be an appropriate size with good ventilation and light appropriate for showing slides etc.

The host setting will also be responsible for providing refreshments (coffee, tea etc and lunch) and of crucial importance, technical equipment with technical support throughout. The quality of the course will rely on having good technical support, essential in enabling stress free learning contexts for both participants and endorsed Froebel travelling tutors. Powerpoint and DVDs will be used. Early Education will link with the setting and venue prior to the course to ensure the equipment and link with the technical support member of staff who will be there on the day.

For Element 3 there will need to be opportuntites for practical experience engaging with nature for part of the time.

Group settings must provide a set of unit/mini blocks which fit the requirements of the original Froebel wooden blocks (size, relationship of the blocks to each other, weight, etc).

Workshop materials need to be provided for each Element  (eg clay, wooden sticks etc. for Elements 1 and 2). A list will be provided in advance so that these are available to use on the course and later can be used in implementing the course.

Course attendance requirements

Before participation in the Froebel short courses is permitted, there are some important requirements which need to be in place so as to ensure that the course can then be implemented and become embedded in practice by those participating.

  • Attendance at the first day, fulfilment of the assignment and attendance at the second day is required. The same person must attend day one, undertake the task and return for day two.
  • Ideally the same group of participants will attend the course together as this opens up opportunities for a community of Froebelian practice to become established locally. The maximum number of attendees on the course is 25, either from the same setting, or from a variety of settings.

What will be provided by Early Education

In advance of each course, Early Education will provide:

  • The ‘send in advance’ advance travelling tutors resource pack from the Froebel Trust/Early Education
  • A set of Gifts 1-6 (the original Froebel wooden blocks) - These will be loaned by the Froebel Trust to Early Education and used to demonstrate and give both the historic perspective and the journey into the modern presentations. These can be sent to the organiser in advance in readiness for the beginning of the course. The Gifts are critical in introducing course members to the Froebelian concepts and terminology, and in demonstrating  how links and interconnections can be made across the whole Froebelian framework. There is no appetite for returning to the original practice as first explored which carries the danger of prescribed and inflexible over-structuring. But the thinking around what the Gifts offer has been found very helpful as experienced during the pilot in developing the short Froebel course. They are available on sale if course members decide they would be useful in explaining the development of the Froebelian  approach to colleagues and parents.

On day one of each Element, participants will be given a booklet for that Element  This will contain:

  • Course outline for day
  • Outline of the Practical assignment in between days 1 and 2.
  • Booklist, DVDs, websites and networks relating to the appropriate element

Certificates of Attendance will be provided at the end of each element when two days attendance is achieved and the intervening task completed.

A Certificate will also be provided for the whole course if all five Elements have been completed (10 days and 5 tasks).

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