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Julie Fisher's PedPod

Links referred to in Julie's PedPod.

Listen to Julie Fisher sharing her knowledge about the Principles of Provision and the Intricacies of Interaction on our PedPods now.

Links to the resources mentioned in the PedPod are listed below, along with further reading.

Links and references from Julie's PedPods

Fisher, J. (2016). Interacting or Interfering? improving interactions in the early years. Open University Press.

If you would like to find out more about research methodology, you might like to look at the following paper:

Fisher, J. and Wood, L. (2012). 'Changing educational practice in the early years through practitioner-led research: an adult-child interaction project', International Journal of Early Years Education, Vol.20, No.2, 1-16.

The new edition of Moving On to Key Stage 1 is being released in Autumn 2020:

Fisher, J. (2020). Moving On to Key Stage 1 (2nd edn). Open University Press.

Content published July 2020.