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Legacies and gifts

How to leave us a gift in your Will

Leaving a legacy gift is an important decision, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. We have information, support and advice available to make the process as easy as possible. Here are the basics:

  1. State in your Will that you would like to leave a gift to us. We recommend using a solicitor or professional will-writer to make sure your Will is legal and valid.
  2. Include our full name, to make sure the money goes to the right place: British Association for Early Childhood Education, Registered Charity Numbers in England and Wales (313082) Scotland (SC039472).
  3. If you would like your gift to go towards a specific activity or to be used in your local area you can add this to your Will.
  4. If you have already written us into your Will, we’re very grateful and would love it if you could let us know.

What types of gifts can you leave?

Here are a few types of gifts you can leave us in your Will:

  • a share of your estate. After you’ve provided for your family and friends, you can leave a share, or the remainder, of your estate to us. This is called a ‘residuary gift’
  • a cash gift. This is when you leave an exact sum of money to us. It’s known as a ‘pecuniary gift’
  • a specific gift
  • a gift in trust. You can leave a gift for someone to use over a period of time. When the time has ended, the gift can be passed on to other recipients, such as a charity

For advice on writing a will is available on the Advice Guide website