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Mapping your locality for possibilities

Knowing what your locality has to offer is crucial in developing community links and understanding what the possibilities for learning are.

The local area has so much to offer young children in relation to rich learning experiences. It is sensible to think about what the possibililities are in terms of distance from your setting with younger children or more inexperienced staff gaining confidence by exploring fully the places in the immediate environment.  Following children's interests is important as well as thinking about where might interest them if they knew about it.  

The following link provides guidance and some formats you might like to use in mapping your possibilities moving from near to further afield.  It is sensible to think about where the children might not have been before and then try to develop a connection with that place. Re-visiting the same place is important in the same way children need access to similar experiences over a sustained period of time to be able to refine their thinking and skill development.  

PDF icon Mapping Activity.pdf