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North, East and West Yorkshire Branch - ‘I can do it myself’: Exploring children’s agency in early childhood education


When adults see children, ‘as persons who are by nature imaginative, concerned and sociable, eager to claim a place in the world of meaning and responsibility and to be able to tell stories about it’ (Trevarthen, 2012) they are likely to foster children’s sense of agency. The word ‘agency’ describes when a person is able to act or to do something. For children, this is based on their sense of themselves. When children have a strong sense of agency they can act independently for their age, express themselves, ask for help when they need to, and make choices.

In this session we will explore the importance of children’s agency and the crucial role of the educator, the environment and the curriculum in enabling and nurturing this agency. Drawing on academic research, and personal experiences this session will encourage reflections on how enabling agency, autonomy and independence can respect children’s rights, form a bedrock for wellbeing, and support characteristics of effective learning. 

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Saturday, 27 November, 2021
9:30am - 11.30am (approx. finish time)
Nathan Archer
Early Education members and full-time students: £5: Non-members £10. Please email to get the student discount.
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How to book: Online, using the link on this page (above). If you are an Early Education member, in order to book your place, please ensure you are logged in to the members' area before making a booking.
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Dr. Nathan Archer is an Associate of Early Education. He has worked in early childhood education for twenty years. A trained early childhood and Primary Montessori teacher, he has worked across the public, private and voluntary sectors both in and with schools and settings, for a local authority, and with several national early years organisations. Nathan is also an associate tutor and lecturer in Higher Education. He completed a PhD in Early Childhood Education at the University of Sheffield in 2020.

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