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Nursery Schools Teaching Schools Conference 2020


About the conference

This is our third Nursery Schools Teaching Schools conference, bringing together all those with an interest in system leadership in the early years.  The conference is aimed at early years teaching school staff, including National Leaders of Education (NLEs), Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs) and Local Leaders of Education (LLEs) to come together to share their experiences of providing system leadership in the early years.  

Who should attend?

This conference is intended for

  • those working in Nursery School Teaching Schools and Teaching School Alliances
  • any early years practitioners interested in system leadership and developing evidence-based, principled pedagogy across the early years sector


9.00am Registration
9.30am Welcome and introductions

Opening plenary: Amandine Mouriere - Intensive Interaction and Early Years: rationale and good practice

This presentation will aim at enabling delegates to know how to better define, develop and sustain Intensive Interaction best practices in early years settings.  Video examples of Intensive Interaction being used effectively in nursery settings will be shared, as well as tips on implementing the approach. 

10.45am  Refreshments 

Workshops - programme to be confirmed.  Expected topics include:

1. Updates from DfE
2. Update from Ofsted (confirmed)
3. The Research School Network: how nursery schools can join in and take part’ - Dr Julian Grenier, East London Research School
4. Lessons from SSIF
5. How early years can be cemented into teaching school hubs
6. SLE networking

12.30pm  Lunch

Workshops (see above)

2.30pm Closing plenary: Greg Botterill - Stone and Starlight
How do we truly "see" children? What do we think they are capable of? Is this reflected in our own practice and pedagogy? Are we "authentic educators"? In all of us, there is stone and starlight. Which do we choose to hand to our children? Which do we choose to look for and how can this influence our planning, our interactions and the lens we look through when we consider childhood. Greg will exploring just why the choice is so critical and why we need to engage parents and practitioners in a journey of self-discovery of stone or starlight.
3.30pm Close of conference

Speaker biographies

Greg Bottrill is a former early years leader and Assistant Headteacher and is the author of the bestselling book Can I Go And Play Now?. He is passionate about play and the magic of children, and is widely recognised as a growing voice for childhood and the need for the Adult World to transform its educational systems. He is also keen to see nurseries and pre-schools embracing play and being an echo into the school system so that children experience 'adventure' in their educational journey.

Amandine Mouniere  has worked with children and adults with learning disabilities and autism for 10 years, in a wide variety of settings. She developed a deep interest in autism whilst working in schools as a teaching assistant and discovered Intensive Interaction in that post.  Amandine decided to study Intensive Interaction further and completed her Masters in Autism in 2014.   Amandine is now a free-lance autism and learning disability consultant and Associate of the Intensive Interaction Institute.

Amandine Mouniere
Greg Bottrill
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University of Bedfordshire, Pollhill Avenue, Bedford MK41 9EA
Friday, 3 April, 2020

Early bird rate: £70 for members/£90 non-members

Standard rate: £90 members/£110 non-members

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