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Outstanding teaching and learning

Thursday, 29 April, 2021

This series of webinars aims to enthuse early years practitioners about their critical role as educators. From a firm base of theory and research it will revisit the principles that underpin effective pedagogy in the early years whilst addressing the recent Reforms and guidance material.. Through discussion and the observation of DVD material it will identify the attributes of outstanding educators, the knowledge they need and the skills they should develop. It will support delegates to be confident, articulate advocates for young children and what motivates them to become and remain enthusiastic, inquisitive, effective learners. In doing so, it will hopefully inspire delegates to be equally enthusiastic, inquisitive and effective in their own roles.


1. To review what is known about how young children learn and the impact this has on the role of early childhood educators

2. To examine the importance of the environment , both indoors and out, in stimulating, consolidating and provoking children’s learning

3. To consider the organisation of the learning day and how to optimise uninterrupted time for teaching and learning

4. To analyse the role of the early childhood educator in ensuring the highest quality teaching and learning in both adult-led and child-led activity

5. To explore ways in which early childhood educators can extend and enrich children’s language in order for them to be more confident and effective communicators

The webinar will take place on the following dates and times:

Session 1: 29th April, 10.30am-12pm
Session 2: 13th May, 10.30am-12pm
Session 3: 27th May, 10.30am-12pm
Session 4: 10th June, 10.30am-12pm
Session 5: 24th June,10.30am-12pm

This webinar series will be delivered by Julie Fisher.

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