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Our Pedagogy Podcasts and all their related resources.

Early Education PedPods

Welcome to our Early Education Pedagogic Podcasts (PedPods). Here we will feature pedagogical conversations with early years leaders, teachers and trainers. All our podcasts will be available to download for free.

1. PedPod with Anni McTavish: Creativity and critical thinking (Autumn 2019)

In this inspiring pedagogical conversation, full of Anni's wisdom and experience, we explore the concept of creativity with Anni McTavish, what this means in practice and how we can nurture and support this with those we work with.

2. PedPod with Pete Moorhouse: The Wonders of Woodwork (Spring 2020)

On this episode, we explore the wonders of woodwork with Pete Moorhouse, looking at all the many cross-curricular benefits this activity can provide, and how to develop this safely within your setting.


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Supporting information

PedPod series 

Over the coming months, listen out for our PedPods with:

  • Suzanne Zeedyk: resilience, relationships and play
  • Alison Peacock: early years, early learning and research
  • Julie Fisher: adult interactions to support teaching and learning (adult-led to child-led learning)