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Project Training Offering

The training that has been offered to the settings of Stoke during the project.

As part of the project, the settings could choose from a menu of possible foci to use as a framework for Exploring the Wider World, and to shape the nature of their bespoke support. This menu was intended to be entirely flexible, and settings could choose different options if they felt something was more suitable or met their needs at the time. Examples of this initial menu are included below, as well as the general training on offer to all settings throughout the duration of the project. 

Book your training now

  • General Training Flyer - Updated for September 2019 - full details for course booking are available on the flyer.

Choose your enriching experience now

  • Enriching Experiences Flyer - indicate your top four preferences for enriching experiences, with full details of how to do so available on the flyer. We will then contact you to arrange.

These might be useful provocations for your own explorations of the wider world, and how you might choose to focus on certain aspects whilst doing so.