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Quality improvement support

Our Associates work with schools, settings and local authorities to raise the quality of provision and improve practitioners' knowledge and confidence.

Programmes are tailored to meet clients' needs but can include:

Linked training sessions

Our recommended model for training and support is a series of sessions of tailored support and training, in preference to a single day.  Evidence shows that practitioners are more successful at embedding their learning and making a long term difference when training is spread over several sessions with an opportunity to implement, reflect on and revisit their learning after a period of time.  

Ongoing support and consultancy

Associates are available to offer consultancy support on any aspect of quality improvement, and will work with schools and settings over a period of time to develop and implement improvement plans.

Cluster projects 

In this model a group of schools or settings work together on a shared set of challenges so that input from a consultant is supplemented by peer learning and support.  The consultant may support settings individually, as well as working with practitioners as a group. 

Early Years Reviews

We are also able to assist local authorities wishing to take a strategic approach to reviewing the quality of early years provision in their locality, for example to identify and address areas of provision in need of improvement and make recommendations as to how to address these.


Please contact us to discuss your requirements.