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Talk about teaching

Talk about teaching

How often do you wish that you had time to talk about your day, reflect, process and talk with like minded colleagues in early years?

Do you long to meet like-minded professionals, have challenge and input, or be part of supportive collaborative conversations?

Join our community of practice

We are facilitating a community of practice through twilight sessions based in our training room at our Whitechapel offices (just up from Whitechapel tube). The sessions will run half-termly this year 2017 from 4.30-5.30pm with tea, coffee, healthy snacks and cake. They will give you time to talk about teaching and reflect on your practice. 

In this community you will set the agenda and content. Groundrules have been established for confidentiality and respect and punctual finishing. Come and join us and bring your colleagues!

Reflection is important

Reflecting on our practice is important as a tool to self improve and develop. We can become better practitioners when we learn from our reflections and gain insight.

Teaching is a skill where pedagogy is gained and built through processing and reflecting. 

Writing about your experiences will help you to make sense of them, so that your undersatnding lasts and contributes to your lifelong learning.

(Howatson-Jones: Reflective practice in Nursing 2010 p120)

How do you reflect?

It is helpful to process and reflect about our lives and work. Our personal pedagogy benefits from refection and time to think and talk around issues, thingswe might be grappling with, things we would like to be more confident about or generally what has happened in our day or week.

Processing with the help of a trustworthy, listening ear is helpful to our professional development. Collaborative conversations and communities of practice faciliate and enable this listening and talking. We can use coaching techniques and questions to help our reflections and conversations to help us develop in our practice and support our journeys.

A reflective journal or a reflective conversation

Some people use a reflective journal to process the answers to these questions and process. Others like to have reflective conversations about these areas. We'll look at ways we can reflect and things that will help us in this process and learning.

A useful processfor reflective writing is to describe - then reflect - then think about what now?

Some powerful questions for reflection

  • what does your practice look like at your best?
  • what is distinctive about your practice?
  • what helps you to learn best?
  • what would it be like to be taught by you?

Further information about our sessions

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Cathy Gunning is the Pedagogic Lead for Early Education. She is an accredited coach mentor with the Centre for Educational Leadership at the University of Hertfordshire