December 6, 2021

Cultural capital

This article by Early Education Associate Anni McTavish explores the term “cultural capital”, and what it might mean for early years practitioners and their settings. Following the publication of the new Education Inspection Framework (EIF) in May 2019, the updated Ofsted School and Early Years (EY) Inspection Handbooks came into effect from September 2019. These […]


Transition is part of the maturation process.┬áMost children and their families find moving from one stage to the next seamless.┬áTransitions need careful planning and will need sensitive handling for all children and families.┬áSome children and families will find the change more problematic and will therefore need greater consideration. Having as many opportunities to visit the […]

Understanding the World and links with Communication, Language and Literacy

We know young children appear to be starting settings with less developed language than in previous years due to a range of reasons. Understanding the World can be a meaningful and motivating way to really extend the language development of young children, especially if the adults have a wide range of interaction strategies to support […]

Child-Centred Competences for Early Childhood Education and Care

Welcome to the e-book Child-Centred Competences for Early Childhood Education and Care. The book brings together four years of research undertaken by early childhood academics and educators to help articulate both what child-centredness means and what it looks like in practice . The e-book is divided into three chapters, each with two sections that help […]