Early years funding campaign

We campaign for government to invest in high quality early childhood education and care for all.  We believe that additional funding should be targeted at those children who benefit most to combat the effects of socio-economic disadvantage and additional needs.

Investing in high quality early childhood education has been shown to benefit individual children and to have positive social and economic returns.  Failure to invest early and sufficiently simply stores up problems which are more expensive for society later on.


Early years funding

We are members of the Early Education and Childcare Coalition which unites the voices of parents, children, providers, those working in the sector and the wider business community.  The coalition has a shared vision of an early education and childcare sector that provides high-quality, affordable provision for all families in all communities, and with it, good pay, conditions, and funding for those providing that education and care.

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Maintained Nursery School funding

We work closely with NAHT, NEU and Unison on early years funding policy and its specific impact on maintained nursery schools

We also provide the Secretariat for the All Party Parliamentary Group for Nursery Schools, Nursery & Reception Classes which has taken a strong and sustained interest the future role and viability of maintained nursery schools.

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