Expressive arts and design in EYFS

expressive arts & design in eyfs

by Debi Keyte-Hartland Art in the early years To express, simply means to communicate.  The expressive arts, therefore, are languages of communication, able to express and communicate ideas, feelings, working theories children have about how the world works around them.  It is interesting to think about how children communicate in musical ways, or how they […]

What is loose parts play in the EYFS?

loose parts play

by Debi Keyte- Hartland The term “Loose Parts” was coined by Simon Nicholson, a British architect and designer whose parents were artists Barbara Hepworth and Ben Nicholson.  He wrote a paper called The Theory of Loose Parts: How not to cheat Children in 1971, and this has become hugely influential in the ensuing decades since. […]

Learning mathematics through play

Learning mathematics through play

by Helen J Williams Early mathematics is essential for children’s full development, it is also predictive of later, wider achievement. Early mathematical learning is critical in sparking interest in STEAM subjects, as long as we approach EYFS mathematics in a way that is engaging for us all – adults and children alike. Too many of […]

Outdoor learning in the early years

outdoor learning

by Kathryn Solly The benefits of outdoor learning in the early years have now been firmly recognised for  both educators and young children’s learning and development. Being outside in the fresh air for three hours every day helps benefit brain and body functioning. Simply being outside improves health, social and emotional wellbeing, improved immunity, sight, […]

Continuous provision in EYFS

What is continuous provision in EYFS? By Ben White Continuous provision in EYFS refers to the resources and learning opportunities accessible to children all of the time within a provision.  When developed well it will invite children to interact, explore and of course, learn.  When effective, the adult’s role in continuous provision is to interact […]

Pioneers of early childhood education

Early childhood education today has been influenced by key figures such as Froebel, Montessori, Isaacs and MacMillan.  Much recent research has supported their ideas although the ways in which they are implemented continue to evolve. You can learn more about these thinkers and the contemporary application of their ideas through our books, newsletters and Journals, […]

Jobs board

External Vacancies Internal Vacancies To advertise here, contact office@early-education.org.uk Organisation and multisite members may advertise vacancies for free as part of the membership package. Download Job advertisement opportunities 

Parents & carers

As a parent or carer you have a vital role in your child’s education.  Although Early Education is primarily a resource for the early years practitioners who support your child’s learning, we have some links and resources for parents too. Learning Together The Learning together series of articles aims to help parents and other caring adults […]