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Individual membership

Join as an individual for personal access to our member benefits:

  • regular email briefings which provide members with summaries and analysis of announcements affecting early childhood education practice and provision
  • a copy of the Early Education Journal published three times a year in the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms*
  • access to our network of local branches
  • significantly reduced rates to attend our courses, conferences and events
  • periodic discounts on our publications, including 20% off most publications and resources 
  • discounts on products and services from our corporate partners
  • online networks for peer to peer advice

On joining, you’ll also receive a new members’ pack* including:

* Online only membership (for individuals or concessions - retired/unwaged/student/NQT) excludes members' pack and hard copy mailings of the Journal, which is instead available via the members' area of the website.

Choose between full or online-only membership, annual or termly payment and full-rate or concession.

Taster membership 

Want to get a taste of what membership can offer?  Take out our termly online-only membership for £10 a term, payable by Direct Debit, and you can cancel at any time.

Direct Debit discount

Pay by Direct Debit from a UK bank account and receive a discount on your annual subscription. Choose your membership type from the list below: on the page of the membership of your choice, there will be a link to complete an Instruction, which will take you to our Direct Debit Provider, GoCardless, in a new browser window. Once you have completed the mandate, it will return you to our website to confirm that this has been successful.

Tax relief on membership

You can reclaim tax you pay on your membership subscription to Early Education as we are on the HMRC's list of approved professional organisations - but only if you must have membership to do your job or it’s helpful for your work. You can only claim tax relief if you personally pay your subscription and it is for business purposes only. You cannot claim tax relief if your organisation pays the membership, however the organisation itself can get tax relief at 20% instead, if the organisation is subject to taxation.

If, however you pay your subscription personally and include this cost on your tax return, the amount of tax relief is as follows:

a) If you are a basic rate tax payer, you will get tax relief of 20% on the value of the subscription.
b) If you are a higher rate tax paper, you will get tax relief of 40% on the value of the subscription.

You must keep records of what you’ve spent, and claim within 4 years of the end of the tax year that you spent the money.

International subscriptions

Based outside the UK?  You can still join - an additional postage fee will be added to your basket on checking out for the additional postage costs.

List memberships

Individual membership paid annually - pay by Direct Debit for a discount of £5.
Individual membership paid termly via Direct Debit.
Individual online-only membership payable termly by Direct Debit.
Annual membership for people who are full-time students, NQTs, retired or unwaged. Evidence of full-time student status may be required. £5 discount for payment by Direct Debit.
Annual online-only membership for people who are full-time students, NQTs, retired or unwaged. Evidence of full-time student status may be required. £5 discount for payment by Direct Debit.
Life membership is available to all individuals who have previously been Early Education members.