Kerry Murphy

Kerry Murphy

Early Education Associate

With over 19 years of experience in early education, Kerry is a positive and committed practitioner and consultant with a specialist knowledge in SEND and social & emotional behaviours. Her early career was spent in nurseries and schools working as an early years teacher and manager. During this time, Kerry worked with a variety of children and families who faced different challenges and her enthusiasm was driven from the collaborative work to build positive experiences for young children. Her progression into an early years consultant has enabled Kerry to develop a number of innovative training courses that are practical, fun and useful. Working in the early years isn’t always easy so Kerry has developed training that supports practitioners to consolidate their experiences and to reflect on their next steps. This not only supports the individual but forms the building blocks to a strong early years workforce.

Areas of expertise​

  • Special Educational Needs & Disability

  • Social emotional development including positive behaviour

  • Autism

Sample courses

Effective SEN support – delivered by Kerry Murphy

Aims and objectives – Delegates will have opportunities to:

  1. develop their understanding of the four broad areas of SEND (Communication & Interaction, Cognition & Learning, Social Emotional & or Mental Health and Physical &/or sensory).
  2. learn about the various stages and cycles of SEN support and how this feeds directly into the EYFS.
  3. explore a repertoire of strategies across the four broad areas that can be used to develop a SEND toolkit back in the setting.

This course brings SEN support to life and is fun, practical and interactive.  Practitioners will have the opportunity to think about their high-quality teaching and provision including how to build upon this to support children with different types of SEND.  It will empower practitioners and give them the skills and tools to act in the first instance of early intervention. This course includes a free resource for building your own SEND toolkit.

The building blocks of behaviour – delivered by Kerry Murphy

Aims and objectives – Delegates will have opportunities to:

  1. explore developmentally expected behaviours and to consider reasons why behaviours occur.
  2. develop an understanding of the context of behaviour in modern childhood, and to consider reducing the risks of challenging behaviour.
  3. consider their own responses and trigger points to behaviour and how best to deal with this.
  4. build a wide repertoire of strategies to support behaviour and to help children to manage their own feelings and behaviour.


This course is interactive and thought-provoking. Of all areas of the EYFS, teaching behaviour can be challenging and frustrating. This course gives you the space to explore behaviour and the impact it may have but will also give you practical ideas for a consistent whole team approach that keeps the child’s health and well-being as the focus.

Attachment & Key People – delivered by Kerry Murphy

Aims and objectives – Delegates will have opportunities to:

  1. learn about the connection between brain development and early relationships in a fun and accessible way
  2. explore attachment theory and how this impacts on early years practice
  3. consider the role of key person and attachment and consider ways to build a secure base for children
  4. think about the challenges they face in their key person role and to consider practical yet effective solutions
  5. think about strategies for strong parent partnership
  6. develop a repertoire of practices that support a whole team approach to key person and attachment practices


Every child deserves the benefits that a meaningful relationship can bring. As a key person, your responsibility is to provide a secure base from which growth, exploration and resilience can occur. This course provides you with the underpinning theory of brain development and attachment and also offers a range of strategies and practices that will empower you and the child.

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