Helen Bradford

Dr Helen Bradford

Early Education Associate

Dr Helen Bradford is an independent early years consultant. A lifelong early years educator she has garnered extensive experience through her roles as an early years teacher, early years teacher trainer, as an academic leading and teaching early years and literacy Masters degrees, and now, independent consultant. Her specialist area of expertise is children’s language and literacy development from birth. Whilst her most recent work, based on her doctoral research, focuses on two-year old children and early writing, she has also researched and written extensively on children’s language, reading and writing development. She is a specialist in the 0-3 age range, having written on young children’s wellbeing, and appropriate (enabling) environments. Her most recent publication is a second edition of ‘The Wellbeing of Children under Three’, updated during the pandemic period. Bespoke input offers a collaborative, co-constructed approach within which self-discovery amongst participants is key to reviewing and developing best early years practice. Helen’s courses can be tailored to accommodate your schedule, whether this be half-day, full day, or days’-long input with tasks in-between. Helen is the early years governor at her village primary school, and still offers yearly sessions to parents on children’s developing literacy at the nursery where she began her early years career 23 years ago.

Areas of expertise​

  • Language and Communication Development 0-5 years

  • Literacy (Reading and Writing) from birth

  • The Wellbeing of Children under Three

  • Appropriate (Enabling) Environments 0-3 years

  • Child- and adult-led learning in the early years

  • Children Learning through Play

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