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Local branches

We have 19 local branches across the UK - see the map below for a visual indication of their locations.

Our local volunteer-run branches run regular events which

  • enable practitioners to access low-cost, high quality training locally
  • are a great way to network with other practitioners in your area
  • are open to both members and non-members (they are cheaper for members)

See a full list of branch events.

If you'd like to set up a new branch, please contact us and we'd be happy to help you get started.  We can recommend speakers and give you administrative support, if you can drum up support from local practitioners and arrange the venues. There's further guidance provided in our branch officers' handbook

All branch events

27 Apr 2019

Get your magnifying glass, we are STEM Detectives

Location: York

Trainer: Niki Buchan

05 May 2019


Location: Hertfordshire

Trainer: Anne O'Connor

07 May 2019

Musical Development Matters

Location: London

Trainer: Nicola Burke

08 May 2019

Supporting Literacy through symbols

Location: Lancaster and Morecambe

Trainer: Jenny Slater

09 May 2019

Supporting Mathematical development through the characteristics of effective learning

Location: Sunderland

Trainer: Denise Kilner

09 May 2019

Understanding Children’s Behaviour

Location: North-West Northern Ireland Branch

Trainer: Lisa Hinds

14 May 2019

'Play IS the Child’

Location: Aberdeen

Trainer: Niki Buchan

15 May 2019

Understanding the world

Location: Oxford

Trainer: Kathryn Solly

15 May 2019

Oxfordshire EE Branch Annual General Meeting

Location: Oxfordshire


16 May 2019

Campfire Cooking - using a fire with young children

Location: Dungannon

Trainer: Kierna Corr

22 May 2019

The Unique Child – Observing children’s development

Location: South Yorkshire

Trainer: Di Chilvers

30 May 2019

A Visit to The City of Edinburgh Council Forest Kindergarten in the grounds of Clifton Hall School

Location: Edinburgh and The Lothians

Trainer: Tracey Shaw

08 Jun 2019

Making Books

Location: Lancaster and Morecambe

Trainer: Anni McTavish

11 Jun 2019

The Forest as a Classroom

Location: West Cumbria

Trainer: Sara Brown

09 Oct 2019

Supporting children's language development using evidence base language approaches

Location: Oxford

Trainer: Sandra Mathers

20 Nov 2019

Early Education Bolton Branch Northwest Conference - Mindfulness for young children

Location: Bolton

Trainer: Jude Brown; Alison Hughes; Tamsin Wotherspoon; Hugh Templeton

13 May 2020

Enjoying music together

Location: Oxfordshire

Trainer: Nicola Burke