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E.g., 04/03/2021
E.g., 04/03/2021

Guest blog from Julie Fisher: An Early Years qualification for primary school headteachers?


A call for universal expertise for applications to primary school headship

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Early Education calls for clarity on safety and a funding U-turn


Read our letter to EY minister, Vicky Ford

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Commission calls on the Government to provide a package of changes for the Early Years Workforce


New report provides evidence of the impact of COVID-19

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Early Years Census 2021 update from DfE


How to report to the Early Years Census in the context of the pandemic

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Decision to revert to census-based funding in spring will impact on EY sector


We analyse government announcements on entitlements funding in England

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Coalition seeks input from early years sector with launch of Birth to 5 Matters draft


Your opportunity to have a say

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