Stella Louis

Dr Stella Louis

Early Education Associate

Dr Stella Louis is a freelance early years consultant, trainer and author working with individual nursery settings, parents, nursery schools, local authorities, government departments and charities. She provides training and consultancy and is particularly interested in observation and its part in developing learning, especially through children’s schemas. Stella leads a small team of Froebelian traveling tutors in promoting, developing and delivering the short Froebel Trust courses in England. She has worked both in the United Kingdom and internationally, in South Africa, where she worked with teachers to develop a Froebelian approach to teaching and learning.

Areas of expertise​

  • Equality, race and unconscious bias

  • Schemas

  • Behaviour, relationships and interaction

  • Observation, planning and assessment

  • Froebelian Practice and Principles

Sample courses

Equality, Race and Unconscious Bias – delivered by Dr. Stella Louis

This training invites educators to reflect on the quality of their provision for babies and young children. When we observe children in our care, we need to consider their differences. Some of our children may come from homes where another language is spoken, or where their culture is different from the other children in our school or setting. Some children because of their gender and upbringing at home may not feel comfortable playing with the blocks or in the role play area. Other children may also experience barriers to learning, due to a disability or illness. When we observe those children, we need to be aware of how these differences will affect them and not to make assumptions about their behaviour.

This course will examine and challenge educators’ pedagogical practice and values reflected in practice, through having conversations about stereotypes, unconscious bias and myths about people, culture and communities. Set within the themes and principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage the training is broadly split into two parts. The first part covers the basis about discussing race. The aim here is to help educators feel more comfortable and confident in doing so. The second half explores unconscious bias and how we can become more aware of them.

Let’s talk about race – delivered by Dr. Stella Louis

This is an hour long course designed to start conversations about race and being an ally.

This session is broadly split into two. The first will cover the basis about discussing race. The aim here is to help participants feel comfortable and confident in doing so. The second half will focus on how we can be an ally and the practical steps that we can take.

Schemas and the characteristics of effective learning – delivered by Dr. Stella Louis


To provide delegates with a deeper understanding of the complexities involved in schematic exploration and how these link directly to how children become engaged and sustained in their self chosen activities.

Course outline:

  • Schemas and the links with the characteristics of effective learning
  • Understanding schema concepts
  • Understanding How children use their exploratory play as a starting point to extend their schematic explorations
  • Extending children’s investigations  so that they can be represented symbolically
  • Developing children’s schematic interests in cause and effect 
  • Developing and extending children’s language and thought through schema

Delegates will learn how to:

Support children’s development particularly in how they  represent their actions and symbolic ideas, thought and action through using all of their senses to find out about the things that interest them.

Audience: practitioners working in the field on early years with children aged 0-7 years.

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