communication & language

Multilingualism and early language development

The benefits of being exposed to multiple languages from a young age have been widely discussed and researched, highlighting the cognitive benefits of being exposed to more than one language. It is said that multilingualism increases the brain’s flexibility. Bilingual people are better at planning and executing tasks and retaining and retrieving information as a […]

Questions and answers

What? Why? When? Where? What for? – and Why? yet again. Sometimes children’s questions just keep on coming. It can be wearing, especially if you are tired or very sure you have already answered as best you can. But it is well worth the effort to listen and answer properly. Children’s questions, and their comments, […]

Listening to children

Having a voice There may be many reasons why young children do not have a voice. Perhaps they There could be many more reasons. Loss of power Children do not possess the power that words have to communicate and make needs known. There is a definite power in being able to speak, to use words […]