Teaching in reception for the first time

New to teaching reception

It could be argued that teachers who move into teaching reception for the first time, face the same challenges as the children themselves as they start in reception. 

Teaching in the early years

by Cathy Gunning Teaching in the early years is not easily definable. Early teaching and learning is about the process, the journey and the unique child. It is everything concerning every child that makes up their context for effective play and and learning. It is everything the practitioner does or does not do. It is […]

An Early Years qualification for primary school headteachers? by Julie Fisher

A call for universal expertise for applications to primary school headship Transition for children from the Reception class into Year 1 in England remains fraught with challenge. The absence of national principled guidance makes this age group particularly vulnerable to inappropriate expectations and targets. Since the introduction of the National Curriculum the pedagogical direction of […]