Settling children

Healthy settling for high wellbeing How can we best help children feel at ease so that they are secure and settled in their new provision? To hold children in mind and consider them as the person to put first means supporting their wellbeing as utmost priority. 10 pointers for healthy settling Children confidently leave their […]


This page was written following our Community of practice about transitions. We had a lot of sharing and questioning about this and so we thought we would share it here. Transitions are inevitable Transitions are an inevitable part in every child’s journey. Many papers, articles and books have been written on the subject, some of which […]


Transition is part of the maturation process. Most children and their families find moving from one stage to the next seamless. Transitions need careful planning and will need sensitive handling for all children and families. Some children and families will find the change more problematic and will therefore need greater consideration. Having as many opportunities to visit the […]

Settling children, crying children, by Cathy Gunning

There is no doubt about it, settling takes time for many children. For others it would appear it takes no time at all. If we are to hold children’s wellbeing at the forefront of our minds and consider their individuality and personality as most important we really must notice and tune in to what matters […]