Tamsin Grimmer

Tamsin Grimmer

Early Education Associate

Tamsin Grimmer is an experienced early years consultant and trainer who is passionate about young children’s learning and development. Tamsin works part time as a principal lecturer at Norland College. She believes that all children deserve practitioners who are inspiring, loving, reflective and committed to improving on their current best. Tamsin particularly enjoys planning and delivering training and supporting early years practitioners and teachers to improve outcomes for young children. Tamsin is passionate about promoting equality within early years. She was a member of the Inclusion and Equalities working party for the Birth to Five Matters materials and regularly writes about issues relating to this area. She is also a member of the LGBTQIA+ Early Years group. Tamsin has been an early years consultant for two local authorities and has worked as a teacher and early years professional. More recently she has put theory into practice with her own children, and has demonstrated that she was an Outstanding practitioner while childminding. She is keen to support childminders and home-based carers in their difficult task to support children’s learning and development and has written several courses specifically aimed at childminders and childminding assistants. Tamsin has published several books: Developing a Loving Pedagogy in the Early Years, Supporting Behaviour and Emotions, Nurturing Self-regulation in the Early Years, Observing and Developing Schematic Behaviour in Young Children; School Readiness and the Characteristics of Effective Learning and Calling All Superheroes: Supporting and Developing Superhero Play in the Early Years. Tamsin has an MA in Early Childhood Education and researched Is there a place for love in an early childhood setting? She has achieved certificates/accreditation with PTLLS, High/Scope, EYPS, PGCE and PGCHE.

Areas of expertise​

  • Loving pedagogy; supporting emotional development

  • Childminders and childminding

  • Promoting positive behaviour and self-regulation

  • Early communication and language including using signs and gestures

  • Superhero play

  • Schemas

  • Inclusion and Equality

Sample courses

Signing the Way! – Using signs with young children – delivered by Tamsin Grimmer

Aims and objectives – Delegates will have opportunities to:

  • Consider why signs are used with young children;
  • Unpick the definitions related to using signs;
  • Consider the benefits of signing for children, their parents/carers and practitioners, including evidence from research;
  • Learn some signs which they can use with children in their settings;
  • Find out how using signs links to the EYFS.

Inclusion and Equality – delivered by Tamsin Grimmer

Aims and objectives – Delegates will have opportunities to:

  • Consider why we need to support children in resolving conflicts and develop self-regulation;
  • Think about the characteristics of and sources of conflict for young children;
  • Find out about emotion coaching and the problem solving approach to conflict resolution;
  • Investigate ways of promoting positive behaviour through policy and practice;
  • Make links with the Prime Area of PSED in the EYFS.

What’s love got to do with it? Adopting a loving pedagogy in our settings – delivered by Tamsin Grimmer

Aims and objectives – Delegates will have opportunities to:

  • Explore what we mean by love and loving in the context of early childhood;
  • Consider what constitutes a loving pedagogy;
  • Think about how we can help children to feel loved in our settings;
  • Review and evaluate our practice in the light of love.

Ready, Get Set, Go! – Exploring ‘school readiness’ – delivered by Tamsin Grimmer

Aims and objectives – Delegates will have opportunities to:

  • Consider what we mean by school readiness;
  • Consider some research and guidance around this issue;
  • Reflect upon school readiness in terms of parents, schools, children and society;
  • Explore practical ideas of how to support children to be ready for school.

Audience: All Early Years Practitioners and Childminders who work with children who will transfer to reception classes in school.

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