enabling environments

Enabling environments and their impact on children’s learning

enabling environments

by Caroline Eaton Creating an enabling environment for play and learning requires careful planning and reviewing. As we all know the impact the environment, we find ourselves in can affect us hugely.  In the same way the adults have the power to open or close down learning the environment can also do this.  Malaguzzi describes the […]

Treasure baskets and heuristic play

by Anni McTavish What are treasure baskets?  “Treasure Baskets” are a collection of ordinary household objects, that are chosen to offer variety and fascination for babies who can sit up comfortably but are not yet crawling.  When babies begin to sit up by themselves, they are often fascinated by the world around them. It can […]

What is loose parts play in the EYFS?

loose parts play

by Debi Keyte- Hartland The term “Loose Parts” was coined by Simon Nicholson, a British architect and designer whose parents were artists Barbara Hepworth and Ben Nicholson.  He wrote a paper called The Theory of Loose Parts: How not to cheat Children in 1971, and this has become hugely influential in the ensuing decades since. […]

Continuous provision in EYFS

What is continuous provision in EYFS? By Ben White Continuous provision in EYFS refers to the resources and learning opportunities accessible to children all of the time within a provision.  When developed well it will invite children to interact, explore and of course, learn.  When effective, the adult’s role in continuous provision is to interact […]

Messy play

Messy play provides so many explorative and investigative experiences, which promote so many of the characteristics of effective learning.  Some easy ideas to start you off Here are some easy ways you can enhance your continuous early years provision with messy, tactile, multi-sensory play. These ideas could be used large or small, inside or outside, […]

Loose parts play

Here are some links to resources to support your play. Loose parts play tookit is such a rich and comprehensive free publication from Inspiring Scotland to support your provision and practice Loose parts outside and intentionality with loose parts blogs by Diane Kashin Loose parts by schema chart by Michelle Thornhill for supporting schematic play with loose parts. This is […]