6. Branch event administration

All branch events bookings must be carried out via the Early Education online event bookings system.  Benefits of branch events being bookable via Head Office For delegates:  a simple easy-to-use automated booking experience, with a choice of payment methods including credit/debit card or invoice.  Telephone support available in office hours in case of any difficulties. […]

5. Pro formas and policies

The following pro formas are available for download: Branch officers’ information fom – This form needs to be completed by branch secretaries when a new branch is set up and thereafter following the branch Annual General Meeting. This should be sent to central office by the end of May each year, so that information can […]

4. Guidelines for branch secretaries

Some branches have more than one secretary, as duties can be sub-divided for example committee, membership, minutes, publicity or events. Secretarial duties to be covered are: Committee support prepare agendas for the branch committee and the AGM (see pro formas section for a model branch committee meeting agenda) record minutes of committee meetings, and keep […]

3. Branch finances

Bank or Building Society Account Historically, branches tended to have a bank or building society account in the full name of the branch. i.e. The British Association for Early Childhood Education ……..…………………. Branch.   Our preference for new branches, and any existing branches which opt to, is that funds are held in the main Early Education bank […]

1. Setting up a branch

We welcome proposals to establish new branches.  Here are some suggested steps to consider when setting up a branch: What is the nature of local demand for local branch events?  You might want to consider: Are there many Early Education members in the area already?  You can contact the Early Education office for information about […]

2. Running a branch

The status of branches Branches are part of the national charity.  They do not have any separate legal status.  The trustees of the national charity are responsible for the charity as a whole, including its branches.  The trustee board is comprised of representatives from each region or nation of the UK, and branches within each […]

Branch officers’ handbook

This section of the website provides guidance to members who are currently running a local branch, or who wish to set one up.  For any queries which are not covered in the handbook, or any support with running local branches, please contact the office (see below).