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As a parent or carer you have a vital role in your child’s education.  Although Early Education is primarily a resource for the early years practitioners who support your child’s learning, we have some links and resources for parents too.

Learning Together

The Learning together series of articles aims to help parents and other caring adults understand children’s development, play an active part in their learning and enjoy the children they spend time with. The articles cover a wide range of topics, including life with babies and toddlers, children’s behaviour, being outdoors, drawing and writing, reading, maths, ICT and equality – and more.

Maths is everywhere

It’s true, maths really is everywhere, and learning about it doesn’t happen just at school or nursery. Young children have lots of important mathematical experiences

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Science all around

Children’s curiosity about the world around them is apparent from the day they are born. Babies quickly use all their senses to explore themselves and

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We also campaign for every child’s right to high quality early childhood education. Find out more about current campaigns:

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