Research on early years pedagogy

Early years pedagogy is the theory that informs the practice of teaching children in the early years. The pedagogical research has been carried out by academics and practitioners. 

Please pick and choose from the links below to read at your leisure… All these links are accessible and on the public domain.

This is by no means intended to be an exhaustive or selective list.

The bibliographies of these documents and papers are extensive and are a great resource in themselves.

Additional links

  • Birth to 5 Matters includes bibliographies for each section and a combined bibliography for the guidance as a whole
  • The College of Teaching has a reference and research section for members
  • All documentation and supporting information for the EYFS statutory framework can be found on the Foundation years website

Further reading

Reggio Emilia

Last updated Spring 2018. The preschools of the Reggio Emilia in Northern Italy inspire us with their pedagogy and practice in giving children rich encounters

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Friedrich Froebel

Who was Friedrich Froebel (1782-1852) Born on 21 April 1782 Friedrich Froebel was a German educator who invented the kindergarten. He believed that “play is

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Cultural capital

This article by Early Education Associate Anni McTavish explores the term “cultural capital”, and what it might mean for early years practitioners and their settings.

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