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How to spend your EYPP

There are a range of sources that can help you to refine your decision making processes in regard to EYPP.  This list is not exhaustive

EEF Early Years Toolkit

(Education Endowment Foundation, 2015)

This toolkit can help you to decide on which strand you might like to look at.  It  is based on research that is available.  The initial page shows what the potential impact may be.  Cost is compared to impact on progress.  This can be used to refine decisions. 

In addition material has been gathered in the strands that can be used to shape your understanding.  There is an overview as well as in depth material that could be used as CPD by staff teams.

Foundation Years Website

This website gives you updates. In addition it has a selection of case studies resulting from a call for evidence.

Learning Wales website

This website contains the document what really works.  This has case studies as well as the reasons behind the premium and principles to follow.

There are other documents that you may also find helpful.

Local authority websites

There are lots of local authorities who have information on their websites.  For example, Cambridgeshire who were one of the early implementation authorities.  It is worth looking at a variety of websites in addition to your own local authority.

Ultimately the important thing to think about when making your decisions will be in relation to justifying your spending.  It will be necessary to justify you decisions in relation to the difference the funding has made to

  • the progress of the eligible children,
  • any impact on the home learning environment,
  • the development of the staff's knowledge and understanding of how young children learn or
  • how the eligible children's life experiences have been extended.

Specific examples will be posted here as the project progresses.