ICT in the early years

Updated Jan 2019

Using ICT in early childhood education

The other side: a toxic childhood

Justifications for using technology in early childhood education

Useful links and materials for using ipads, tablets and apps with young children and in EYFS

Research papers about ICT in early years

These have been found using the Chartered College of Teaching Research Database. For full access to these papers you need to be a member of the CCoT. This is free to students and further details to join can be found on their website.

Beschorner, B. & Hutchison, A. (2013). iPads as a literacy teaching tool in early childhood. International Journal of Education in Mathematics, Science and Technology, 1(1), 16-24.


Safety advice 

  • limit ipad and screen time in classrooms and settings
  • teach constructive and safe use of iCT
  • use ICT as a tool IF it is the BEST and most effective way for children to learn that specific concept or experience
  • try to restrict or limit
  • balance with majority of time physically active and in relationship with others
  • celebrate and promote first hand experiential experiences in the real world not virtual world
  • ensure that you are NOT using ICT or screens as a distraction or a time filler
  • teach about the dangers of ICT and online worlds and how to keep yourself safe

More useful links to support technology in EYFS

Understanding the world ICT from Lancashire Grid for Learning

Further reading

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