Chapter 7: Transitions in ECE

Back to overview of chapter resources Chapter authors Aline-Wendy Dunlop Lisa Barnes Myra McRobbie Chapter overview  In this chapter we have chosen a transitions lens on an ecological model to address contemporary issues around wellbeing, play, curriculum, and leadership in the evolving Scottish early childhood world: a world which itself has made significant transitions and […]

Chapter 10: Gender and LGBTQ+ Inclusive Practice in Early Childhood

Back to overview of chapter resources Chapter authors Shaddai Tembo Fifi Benham Chapter overview This chapter examines the role of gender and LGBTQ+ inclusive practice to understand how we, as educators, might raise children un-limited from the gendered and heteronormative beliefs which negatively impact their identities. This chapter is written in three parts. Initially, we […]

Chapter 11: Combatting the effects of poverty on the outcomes of young children and their families: the role of Children’s Centres

Back to overview of chapter resources Chapter authors Kathy Sylva Lesley Curtis Chapter overview This chapter explores the role of Children’s Centres (CCs) in serving the needs of disadvantaged children and families. The chapter first considers research on the way that poverty, minority status and family mental health are powerful influences on the life chances […]

Chapter 12: The early years workforce

Back to overview of chapter resources Chapter authors Nathan Archer David Yates Chapter overview When considering the future, looking back at recent changes in the early childhood education and care (ECEC) workforce in the UK, and appraising the current situation can inform what might be. Over the last hundred years ECEC has evolved enormously; different […]

Chapter 13: Leadership in early years

Back to overview of chapter resources Chapter authors Elizabeth Wood Louise Kay Jessica Travers Chapter overview This chapter draws on international research to indicate how ECE leadership is influenced by national policy frameworks and enacted according to local contexts. Following a brief overview of international research on ECE leadership we focus specifically on the policy […]

Chapter 14: An agenda for the future of early childhood education

Back to overview of chapter resources Chapter authors Cathy Nutbrown Beatrice Merrick Chapter overview This chapter is a little different from the others. It considers the key issues which have dominated the last 100 years, so that we might anticipate a future of rich possibilities for young children, those who work with them, and their […]

Families’ access to nature project

The Families’ Access to Nature Project was undertaken by the Froebel Trust and Early Education between October 2021 and January 2022. Children, their parents, and their early years educators talked to us about their access to nature and being outside together. The document below summarises key findings from the project for early years practitioners interested […]

Young children and technology

ICT – what’s it all about? ICT is information and communications technology. The term simply means all the technology around us, things like mobile phones, computers, CD and DVD players, and digital cameras. ICT describes children learning about different technologies within their setting and school. There are microchips everywhere – tiny circuit boards which programme […]