Chapter 9: Race, anti-discrimination, and work to combat the effects of discrimination on practitioners and children

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Chapter authors

  • Stella Louis
  • Sally Cave
  • Nasma Meah

Chapter overview

This chapter outlines what anti-discriminatory practice is and the steps needed to promote and implement it in schools and settings. It has been written for all educators who may want to examine their own feelings and attitudes about race and discrimination. In this chapter Stella Louis sets out the key issues and practices necessary to combat the effects of discrimination and draws on case studies by two experienced leaders Sally Cave and Nazma Meah, to highlight some challenges and dilemmas in practice. It also reflects on the importance of training and policy development.

Chapter objectives

  • To define the terms used in discussion of race and discrimination
  • To provide example of practices to bring about change and tackle bias
  • To offer ways of combatting the effects of discrimination in early years settings

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