Twelve links for supporting home learning: early years and primary

Here are twelve links with free ideas to support play and learning at home, suitable for early years, nursery, reception and school aged children in lower primary years 

  1. Growing and learning together from Highfield Nursery School, Children’s Centre and Daycare is a page with recipes, ideas and their new PDF leaflet “Activities to try at home” which they are happy to share (scroll to the bottom of the page for the link to a PDF of the leaflet)
  2. TEDEd so much to spark and educate, for parents, carers, teachers, children and learners of all ages
  3. 50 Things to do before you’re five originated from St Edmunds Nursery School and Children’s Centre and has been developed into an excellent App and resource   for parents and carers. You can download the 50 Things App from anywhere, for free and there are specific versions for Bradford, Leeds, Kirklees, Calderdale and East Sussex but the ideas are useable from any location.
  4. National Geographic Kids lots of primary resources and games
  5. Spread the happiness 100 things to do indoors free download
  6. The kids should see this – smart videos for curious minds of all ages on a wide range of themes
  7. Pobble simple and fun non-screen activities that children can do at home + infographic poster free to download
  8. Stay at home story time with Oliver Jeffers
  9. CBeebies website has lots available including showsgameswatch and singmake and colourCBeebies radio, their new show JoJo and Gran Gran (based on the book written by one of Early Education’s Vice Presidents, Laura Henry-Allain), Bedtime stories (with information for grown-ups too), CBeebies bitesize for primary and older children – not early years specifically as starting from Year 1 (England) but some good information and resources
  10. Creative Star Learning 10 outdoor ideas series supporting learning and play outside with all ages
  11. Coronavirus your questions answered – from Dr Chris and Dr Xand speaking to children and answering their questions on BBC Newsround – not specifically for early years, but useful for primary aged children and for adults to support their younger children. 
  12. Free audiobooks and why you should try them – lots of links to listening to books online

Many thanks to all contributors and authors of the links listed, which have been shared through social media – including home educators, HIghfield Nursery School, Ruth Coleman, Juliet Robertson, Clementine Stewart and all those named above. Sharing ideas and information at this time is so helpful and collaboration is the key!

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